• Token
  • Price Per Token
  • Bottom Price
    LAY will not be priced lower than this after the auction. Bottom Price = Total Bids without Canceling or Limit Price Options / Amount of Tokens to be Released.
  • Total Raised
  • Number of Bidders
  • Remaining Time to Bid

What is LAY?

LAY is the native asset of Starlay Finance, which is currently the largest lending protocol in the Polkadot ecosystem. The protocol allows users to quickly and easily deposit and borrow assets on Astar Network. Depositors can provide liquidity to earn interest as a stable passive income, and borrowers can leverage their assets without selling them out. A lending protocol is one of the core Lego Blocks of DeFi composability. It is a public decentralized marketplace for assets, accessible by users and also other DeFi protocols. Starlay Finance offers not only comprehensive but also differentiated features from other lending protocols, such as Makai and this launchpad you are about to join.

Sale Information

The public sale of LAY will be conducted by Starlay Launchpad's original auction method. - Bids for LAY will be accepted only in USDC. - Buyers will be able to bid and cancel as many times as they wish during the 48-hour sale period. - If a maximum price per token is set at the time of bidding and if the LAY price exceeds it, the bid will automatically be canceled. - 5% bonus will be applied to the bid amount if no maximum amount is set. Another 10% bonus will be applied if the option of not canceling the bid is selected. These options are designed to make a token sale more fair and clear for both a buyer and a project.


Users need to be from an eligible jurisdiction to participate in this token sale.

Sale Information

  • Tokens to be Offered
    50,000,000 LAY
  • Emission
  • Bid with
    USDC(USD Coin)
  • Sale Start
    May, 13 12:00 UTC
  • Sale End
    May, 15 12:00 UTC